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Our Story

A collection of vintage treasures from all eras that are curated with care and filled with stories, memories, and fun.

Hi there! My name is Haley, and I'm the person behind The Mustard Dandelion. I started selling vintage online in January of 2013 but was able to spend more time doing what I love when I had to leave my full-time office job a few years back for health reasons. I've always loved vintage and have been collecting for as long as I can remember and sometimes I have to pinch myself in excited disbelief that this is now my job! The great thing about buying vintage is that it allows you to add some character, personality and quirk to your home or wardrobe, and there's a big chance that no one else will have the same things, which will make your home unique and totally YOU. Vintage and pre-loved items are also very eco-friendly since there's no need for using new resources or energy to create new items, and vintage and antique items are typically of higher quality and therefore built to last. Definitely a win!

I thoroughly enjoy the whole "community" aspect of vintage shopping, selling, and collecting since you meet the most interesting people and get to hear so many great stories and experiences. I love when I can hear a little history on some of the pieces I find! I've always loved studying the past, and thinking about the person who last owned or loved the antique teacup or vintage clock in my hands always puts a smile on my face. Plus the thrill of the hunt is so exciting! 

I met my husband in 2008 and we were married in 2011. He's been a great support system for The Mustard Dandelion, which I'm always grateful for, especially since my shop takes up a lot of my time. (And our closet storage!) Together with our cat Beatrix we live in Cleveland, Ohio and I operate everything for The Mustard Dandelion out of our home. 

My shop is about curating great finds that are fun, nostalgic, good quality and priced right. Everything for sale in my shop are items that I love, so you can probably tell from those collections that I am inspired by all things bright, cheerful, vintage, goofy, tiny, colorful, fun, ridiculous, sparkly, cute, modern, over-the-top, pretty, steampunk, whimsical, and sweet. What about you - what draws your eye or makes you smile?

Thank you so much for stopping by, and if you have any questions or just want to say hello, please send me a message anytime at


Thank you!

The Mustard Dandelion